Whether your bank account is showing 6-figures or you're just starting out, this audio series of 5 5-minute lessons will show you how your chosen business model determines the way you're feeling about your biz, fits into your lifestyle, and affects the results you are (not) getting...
Busting 5 Business Model Myths Audio Series &
PDF Workbook
More leads. More sales. More funnels. More VAs. More time. Less stress. Less overwhelm...

Whether your bank account is showing 6-figures or you’re just starting out, you need results. If you don't see them, you’re done.

You can feel like you are spinning your wheels for nothing, whether you’re getting paid (well) or not.

And that has little to-do with many of the things people tell you is the problem:

“Oh, you need to try the Kanban method and free up your time.”
“You need to pick a niche.”
“The problem is you’re not setting boundaries.”

Well, some of those things may be factors, but they are far from the root of the problem. That’s why I created this 5-part audio series, so I can show you how your chosen business model fits into the way you’re feeling (6-figures or not) about your biz.

Featured on dozens of podcasts and summits for her business model design and business development expertise, Sara Oblak Speicher, MBA is called “Business Jigsaw Ninja” and “Master of the Art of Authentic Relationship Marketing.”

Passionate and effective about showing her clients how to find that missing piece and the right solution for their business, her clients can start shifting their business and shattering their limits, fast:

• From nearly bankrupt to the 6-figure mark & beyond
• Quadrupled their investment back within 5 days of us working together
• Stopped a $40,000 leak in one company’s sales and marketing systems
• Doubled client contracts within first 3 months & multiplied revenues
• Spoke from stages nationwide
• Traveling the world while growing their business

She brings fun, joy, peace, serenity and confidence into their businesses and lives with her vibrant, approachable, and professional demeanor, and solid strategies, techniques and tools that allow her clients to spend less time making more, and grow and scale their businesses in a way that is aligned with their strengths, core values, and lifestyle.
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