Attention time-based service providers: FREE 3-PART VIDEO MASTERCLASS SERIES takes you through the

3 Steps to Move From
 Hourly Rates to High-End Retainers
(Without Compromising Quality)

Hi, I am Sara Oblak Speicher,
and I wanted to show you how I moved from $20/hr to $20k retainer clients,
- and how you can, too!
And it's not just about me!

Over the years, I've helped my clients do this extremely successfully - seeing results withing hours, days, and weeks instead of months or years (we're talking about going from $150/hr to $36k projects and $10k monthly retainers).

And because making this shift means more committed clients, better results, more fulfillment, more free time and more joy, I am excited to take away all your fears and give you confidence to make the shift in your business.

On this masterclass, you will learn strategies, techniques and powerful shifts that will help you make the powerful transition with ease.

Take a look:
Video 1

Learn this one powerful shift that makes turning your hourly services to high-end retainer (or project) offers simple, easy and ethical.

(45 min)
Video 2

Learn two specific techniques to sell without selling, and take away the fears over your clients feeling that they are being sold to.

(3o min)
Video 3

Learn how to charge premium prices with confidence and integrity, and get paid what you deserve by simply focusing on this one thing.

(30 min)
This Masterclass is for you if...

... you are unsure how to figure out all the details,
... you worry who will really pay you “that” much,
... are uncomfortable even pitching the new offers,

And yet you KNOW that

... you want to have better control of your time.
... you want to work with more committed clients.
... you want to create better outcomes for them.
... you want to be able to hire a team.

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